learning to fly

In a few months, we will be leaving NYC. We will be moving upstate to Troy, NY. The decision to do this has been a two year meditation and I can’t say it was my own to begin with. But alas, I admit that it is not sustainable (financially, yes it is) for five creatures (3 humans, […]

Oklahoma 2016

// Fort building, star gazing, life loving and the first time Brendan met the family of one of my best college girlfriend’s, Mary … my how we’ve grown. ❤ Full set.  And in video form…. Music by my talented sweetheart.  

A day with the love birds

// On a rare, warm, not-“February-gray” day, we went to the beach with these two love birds. Nicole is one of my best friends ever. We met at an art project that I was team leading. She was nice and sweet, so naturally I asked her if she wanted to be friends. I remember volunteering […]

from the brief snow days in Iowa

// Some snaps from our trip to Iowa this past Thanksgiving. We were delayed an entire day because of the snow storm. This was a real test of patience and our ability to work as a team — scrambling around the O’hare Airport was not very fun (especially after sitting on a hot airplane for […]

a mess of a manifesto

// My friend, Lauren, started a google community called, Creativity Hour, which has been a great way to stay held accountable for my own creativity through the inspiration of everyone’s works. She suggested we all create Manifestos for 2016. Honest to goodness, I started this in January, but managed to LOSE it twice. Once I left the […]