As a native Iowan, I am familiar with open spaces. With the ability to run into sunsets and cornfields. However, I now live in a city where the only space is upwards – and how these buildings reach to the sun for space! People crowd the streets in clusters, hurried, and seemingly unaware…. of space and its beauty to create moments and life. In a world filled with judgments and preconceived notions, I have found painting to be a place for me to just be.

My paintings have evolved from poetry-inspired meditations on color and scenery to an exploration of human rights, the environment, and the ways our species contributes to its own frailty. In the “awareness” series, I invite you into eerie landscapes where cheerfulness is confronted by an accumulation of difficult observations about our world. Animals say goodbye to their natural habitats and “fresh baked cookies” are drizzled with chemical compounds. With lavish color as well as disquieting dinginess, I encourage the viewer to linger in that world. Often my pieces contain recycle things I have collected over the years including scraps of paper, nutrition labels and things I have kept around for sentimental value.

My recent works are capsules of self-expression translating into dreamy landscapes and whimsical worlds, filled with color, creatures, and small details. I believe in a world of interconnectedness ~ that our hearts are tied to some incredibly beautiful thread that connects us all. Painting has become a space for me to explore this. I want to paint the scenes that the beings of our dreams see; full of reminders of beauty, love, and places where kindness doesn’t matter, it just is.

With that, I invite you to dive in, take a moment, escape into imagination, and “look a little closer.”