a few of my favorites …

* reflections *
a decade of learning
patience, choice, and taking time
when past and present collide
holding on and pushing through
returning to my mother’s resting place
embracing change
finding inspiration
indulging my 7-year old self
birthday thoughts on the unknown
appreciating moments
being thankful
my garden

* love *
falling in
finding my sparkle partner
sparkle partners forever – wedding reflection and video
heartache | letting go

* stories in motion *
lauren + greg
lee + megan
just this ♥
birthday dancing
little films

* pretty things + places *
sun rainbowmontauk | iowa | windham | poconos | ambler | oklahoma
summer days | winter to spring | flowers

* new york cares day*
1, 2345, 6, 7

* something like a christmas card *
have a holly jolly christmas
a sparkle partner christmas
nature’s glitter
yay christmas!
christmas with lavi