Group show!

Exciting news! I got into a group show! Not with a painting, but with some photography. I found this gallery in Brooklyn, when I purchased my Pebeo Porcelaine paints for the wedding present. I was chatting with the guy at Lee’s Art Store and he told me to check it out. I emailed the curator of the gallery and he decided to use some photos in their upcoming show, Seduction.

Below are photos of the pieces he liked.

In addition to these, I’ll be adding more pieces. I plan on shooting more “I love you’s” over the weekend, but with a “seductive” twist. I hope to have these photos soon! In the meantime, I need to stay on top of all of my upcoming projects/goals so I’m making a list here to remember them!

1. “Seductive” prints (over weekend)
2. Diary Project (need to finish this)
3. Bras for a Cause (with Calee)- start creating this and send something to Calee so she can work on it!
4. Paintings- I have a new series I’m going to start as soon as we move into our new apartment, but I’d like to make at least one more painting before I start this new series.
5. Sell things on etsy
6. Painting project- site, forms, supplies, etc
7. Practice my instruments- totally separate from my art, but another form of art that I need to keep up!

I’ll be headed to Sag Harbor this weekend for our last choir concert of the season. It should be pretty fun and this Brahms’s piece has been challenging and beautiful to sing. Hopefully the audience will like it as much as we do! Sunday I plan on going to the park with Kristen and Anthony to try to make some extra cash. They’ll be doing their Reiki services and I’m going to do some face painting! If you’re in NYC and need some work done, you should check them out. They are very talented and are trying to get their work out there. I’ve been a personal recipient of their Reiki and love it.

Canvas Project pieces

I blogged about these awhile back, but I finally finished them and sent them away. They will be placed in the Atlanta airport . I just signed up for another Art House Coop project called the Sketchbook Project. I’m really excited about this one, since I have my own sketchbook/diary that I use! I’ll just have to decide what I want to write in each book. 🙂

I’m working on another project called the Diary Project and it’s forcing me to sharpen up on my non-existent photo shop skills, but I’m really having fun learning how to use it.

The Canvas Project

The project: create a visual encyclopedia using mini canvases and artists from all over the world
My words: achieve, contribution, reservoir, terroir, solemn

Achieve: what has been achieved, is yet to be determined…


Resevoir: this is my resevoir, when i need to find happiness.



Story of Stuff

I have been home sick for the past couple of days. Definitely NOT fun. I think that summer colds are the worst…maybe in some ways it’s better that the weather hasn’t been that great, as I haven’t missed too much. I caught up with Nate (he’s an awesome friend who shares my passion for the environment) tonight, and we talked about the weather. He is in Seattle and has said that the weather has been “off” there as well. While we have had a month of rain, they have had none, and um, hello!? Isn’t Seattle known for it’s rain? Siigh, skipping seasons, long warm and cold winters, lots of rain, and ruining my beach season have made me realize that we are definitely in a period of “global weirding.”

In any case, while it might seem as if the world is falling apart (lately, Iran, Afghanistan, and much more) there are good things happening! People are opening their minds and learning about new (or old) things to make a difference through videos. (yes, not new, as technology has been around forever, but as we all know, I am behind the times on this!)

The Story of Stuff has become one of my favorites.

This is a great 20 minute narrated/animated marker-board story. It is done really well and gives me hope that more people will open their eyes to the real changes we need to make in order to help the environment and world. We may not save the world tomorrow, but we can at least educate each other!

Mulberry Trees and Birds..

It is another rain day here in New York. I just got done sweeping the backyard and feeding the birds.

I love feeding the birds, but they eat the food so quickly. Sometimes it makes me wish I could talk to them, to tell them to ration it out, as I can’t afford to feed them as much as they’d like to eat! 🙂 We get lots of birds, but I think the eastern chickadees are my favorite. 🙂

Tomorrow is going to be my real art day. Last night was a failed attempt. I needed some art supplies, so I could make my wedding gift *btw, thanks Calee for this awesome idea*, but that did not happen. I missed a train (by moments), decided to walk–thought it would be a nice stroll, WRONG, not going up Times Square!–I got to the store as it was closing, missed two more trains, sat and waited in the hot subway, and finally got to the second store as IT was closing.  !!! I was so pissed I just yelled really loud into 23rd Street. I am starting to think that those people that look like they are crazy (talking to themselves) probably aren’t. They are just mad about something and let it out. Since the city has people everywhere, it’s hard to yell without someone seeing you. I was definitely part of that last night! It was fine though, because I ended up getting dinner with Hayden and Michael. We went to Dallas BBQ, which is a total experience in itself. I had no idea it would be such a hopping place on a Friday night! We also went to the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! It’s a amazing new park in the city called the Highline Park. This is a park in the sky! It was an abandoned train in the Meat Packing District, that ended up growing wild plants. Instead of destroying it, they decided to make it a park! It’s totally eco-friendly and awesome. They left the train tracks and plants there, and have illuminated the path with LED lights. It’s amazing to walk through it, looking at the buildings, with the pretty light on the plants. It would be a perfect place to watch the sunset, since it’s along the west side. Ahh, New York…this is just another reason to love this city!

Here’s a photo of the park! This guy has more awesome photos.

Alright, time to get ready for Monica’s bbq and another painting party. Hopefully the sun comes back!

Being an artist.

Ahh, it’s Friday and the sun has finally decided to come out! This makes me very happy, I’m just finishing up at work and getting ready to go home and do some art. I haven’t had much time do anything personal, as work has been crazy busy! (not that people use their work day to do anything personal…ahem..clearing throat). I’ve spent the past three days looking at images and more images. I was going to write about all of the work craziness, but decided I didn’t want to spend any more time thinking about it, so onto better things.


A few days ago, I had a really good conversation about art and what it means to “be an artist.” For awhile I was stuck and not painting as much as I’d like. I had a lot of chats with people about what I wanted to do, but didn’t actually do any art. I’d ask people what they thought of my work and how I could improve it. Before long, I had lists and lists of what people thought I could do. Don’t get me wrong–I asked for this and many points were valid–but when a free moment came and I wanted to do some art, I couldn’t do anything! I’d pick up a paint brush and just feel stuck. I started to feel that whatever I did (or was going to do) wasn’t (wouldn’t be) “good/pleasing enough” to different people. What one person likes, another person hates….and as one can imagine, it was very overwhelming.

Truthfully, I’ve been feeling this way about my art for awhile, but haven’t spent any time thinking about it. I’ve spent a lot of time working on my “worry knots” and letting go of negative emotions.  My feelings of being stuck actually relate to all of this. Since I am a person that constantly wishes to please people, it’s natural that I would want them to “appreciate my art,” but worrying about what others thought made me lose site of why I did art in the first place. In all of these jumbled thoughts, I realized a few things.

1. I am an artist~ what this means to me, is expressing myself through color, photos, music, writing, doodling, or any other creative outlet. I am an emotional person and it feels good to release…whether it’s in a pretty painting or just screaming into the air…I find that I’m a better person when I let it go, rather than keeping it in.

2. Pretty things make me happy~ even if they are boring to some people. Colorful swirls, butterflies, trees, GLITTER, and whatever else comes to my head. I like this. The best things come, when I just let it flow…seems to be a theme..”letting go, release, etc.”

3. Time will always get the best of me~  I’m one person and can’t make everything today. While I might only make one painting every couple of months, it’s better than nothing. I’m also starting my career, singing in a choir, volunteering, and a bunch of other things. The time I can spend on art, should just be spent on creating, and not worrying about what everyone else will think of it.

I’m glad I figured these things out. I realize now that worry, fear, and wanting to please others take over me. It can affect me in all areas of my life: love, art, relationships, etc. These are my “worry knots.” Sometimes they come out of nowhere, making my tummy ache. They are often caused by something completely imaginary or irrational, black and white thinking. Believe it or not, I recently did a painting about my “worry knots” and I’m pretty pleased with it. It’s a piece where I allowed myself to just be and release everything I’d been feeling. The past few months have been about this, “letting this be” and figuring myself out. It’s been hard at times, but right now I feel like I am in a very good place. My plan is to do more art about my self growth. Now that I’ve let go of these pressures, I think my art will grow with me.


My painting about letting go of “worry knots”

Huge thank you!!

Btw, I need to post a HUGE THANK YOU!! to Calee for updating my site this weekend!

I have all sorts of fun themes and have even updated my etsy store!


Hopefully, she enjoys her wings as a thank you. 🙂